16 weeks, 5 days

God bless rainbow babies!

God bless rainbow babies!

Today marks 16 weeks, 5 days in my rainbow pregnancy. The past week has brought up a great deal of emotions. Eliza‘s due date was last Friday, as most of my readers know, and today marks the point in THIS pregnancy at which I lost Eliza. My Dr. D saw me on Monday and will see me this Monday as well. She could sense my fear as I talked with her, and suggested coming back next week would help to ease my fears. I appreciate her understanding. She gets it. She lost her second baby as well. She also went on to have more children, so she understands the struggles I’m facing now. I won’t drone on about this. I’m just praying for this little bundle to stay healthy as we jump this hurdle and head towards February! Anatomy scan and gender reveal in just two weeks! Can’t wait 🙂

2 thoughts on “16 weeks, 5 days

  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to be in the place you are in. I will pray for your rainbow baby too. That anticipation of finding out the sex is so fun. I hope you are able to enjoy it fully:)

    • I’m enjoying it as much as possible! I have a couple of mantras, and one of them is: “Don’t let fear kill your joy.” It has helped me to focus on the joy of this pregnancy instead of the fear. I’m also reading a 40 week devotional for PAL, and I already read Franchesca Cox’s book, Celebrating Pregnancy Again. It’s a journey full of meltdowns! lol 🙂

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