It was a WEDDING!

bride and groomWe did it! We tied the knot! Whatta day. Talk about an exciting 24 hours. It was like a blitz of emotions and excitement followed by what felt like a hangover…but was certainly not!

January 19th came and went very quickly. As most people warned us beforehand,  the old adage to “enjoy it because it goes by quickly” was true. They weren’t lying. I was sort of hoping that “they” were exaggerating. Nope. It all went by super-duper fast. It kinda reminded me of prom. All that build-up for one day that is over before you know it 😉

At any rate, my wedding vision came to fruition in every possible way we could [afford] make happen. I won’t talk about the exploitation of brides when it comes to purchasing, renting, and sacrificing for their dream wedding. I’ll save that for another time! The decor was beautiful, and despite the fifty degree weather, it was a winter wonderland inside! Our cake was gorgeous and the subtle up-lighting that I spent an extra hundo on was well worth the effect.

My dress and the groom’s tux were amazing. We’re pretty good-looking, so we made quite a dapper duo in our wedding day attire 😉 The bridesmaid dresses were quite lovely, but not as beautiful as my sisters who wore them! Three beautiful women!  And my brothers in tuxes? Have you met them? That should probably be illegal. Oh, and my mom is gorgeous and damn near showed me up in all her beauty. With the second best-looking guy at the wedding by her side (my dad, for all you slow-to-catch-on types), I  was worried for a second! Oh, and let’s not forget the other handsome guy who walked me down the aisle, E-bear! He was so stinking cute in his little tux and patent leather shoes! Adorable!!

The DJ was awesome and played all our special requests! Shout out to Professional Sounds of Temperance, MI. Worth the money!

Shout outs to all my awesome friends and family who made it to our special day. Especially our friends. What a group!! We had so much fun reminiscing while dancing to sweet jams of the late nineties and early 2000s. Those are memories I’ll always cherish 🙂

What made the day perfect was the walk down the aisle to my super-sexy husband in his Vera Wang tux. He was all smiles and I was all teary-eyed, and it was just what I expected. I am so very happy to have married my best friend, and I hope and pray that God blesses our marriage with health, wealth, and happiness for many years to come!

I’ll get back to some regular blogging stuff now. Oh, and I want you all to read this flashback. It’s even funnier now because he still decided to marry me?!

6 thoughts on “It was a WEDDING!

  1. What a perfect wedding for a perfect couple! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your big day! I wish you many, many years of love and happiness!!! XOXO Court

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