Where were you?

I remember that fateful day just eleven years ago. It’s still so vivid in my mind. I was asleep in my dorm room at BGSU when my phone rang. It was Mom. She urgently told me to turn on the TV to see what was happening in New York City. I did, and as we sat on the phone in shock, we witnessed the second tower come down, and then continued to watch as the rest of the horror unfolded.

There were few words that day that could express how tragic it truly was to Americans everywhere. Although I did not have any personal ties to the victims, I did have a very close tie to them all: I was an American. The pure panic that was felt all across the country touched us all. The sadness of lives lost humbled millions.

It is a sad day in American history, and one that impacted all of our lives. Some were affected immediately by the loss of a loved one. Others were impacted later by the deployment of their military family member. Most were impacted by the sense of sadness and swell of pride for those who lost their lives in efforts to save others.

However it impacted you, I encourage you to take a moment today to reflect upon the impact this day had upon your life. I urge you to be grateful for this great nation and all that for which it stands.

Do not think about politics on this day. Think about people.

2 thoughts on “Where were you?

  1. Along with Diana’s Death its The JFK moment of our generation. I was at home caring for my 2 year old daughter. My husband rang. I went to the living room and turned on the TV leaving Amy playing in the playroom. I spent the next hours in shock and horror popping into see the TV now and then for updates. We never shated the horror with Amy. The following Janurary we decided to go ahead with our 3 month tour of America. Thank you for travelling signs were all over we had the most amazing trip.

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