How’d they do it?

As I was sitting at home the other day, I started to feel a sense of overwhelming inadequacy as I looked around my house. Toys scattered everywhere, papers splayed haphazardly across my kitchen table, dishes in the sink, and a bathroom from a frat house (okay maybe not that bad, but you get the idea). I started thinking to myself, how the heck did they do it? And then I called my mom…

I asked her. I asked her how she did it. My mom was fortunate enough to be a SAHM, and I honestly do not know how she did it. Now, what exactly do I mean by “it”? Well, she took care of us, ushered us to  and from practices, prepared home-cooked meals, kept the house spotless,

Way to go, Mom.

managed the family budget and bills, taught us kindness and manners, showered us in love, oh and managed to get showered, dressed, and hair and makeup every day! And that’s just the abbreviated list. Nevermind all the bake sales, craft projects, sewing projects, and personal sacrifices so that my siblings and I had what we needed to be the pampered babies that we were.

So how did she manage all of this each and every day? Well, she stayed up after we went to bed until the wee hours of the morning and then turned around and did at all again the next day! Lucky for her she’s not a sleepaholic like myself 🙂 At this point in the conversation, I whined to my mother. I whined about not being able to read as much as I’d like and having not enough time to squeeze in a workout here and there. Her lack of sympathy was hilarious! Do you ever remember me sitting down to read or play on the computer, Ashley? Crickets. Of course I don’t. She then asked me why I thought SAHMs always had on sweatpants and their hair in a ponytail. Duh. That’s how I roll when I’m at home. Bras optional and ponytails required! Holla! Poor J-dawg…lucky he still loves me despite my daily disheveled appearance when not leaving the house. Or when leaving the house. It’s touch and go some days. 😉 He must be a keeper.

So as I sit here and think about my struggles and what I consider my shortcomings, I also am in awe of the hard work SAHMs really put in every single day. Besides nurses, I can’t think of anyone else who is barfed on, peed on, cleaning up poop, and listening to people cry and whine more than a stay at home momma! Pat yourselves on the back, MamaBears! Every day without a meltdown is a victory 😉

I got a W in the books today.

“Nobody said it would be easy. They just said it would be worth it.”

And now a look at what people think SAHMs really do all day.

Ahh, yes. This is what I call living the dream.

2 thoughts on “How’d they do it?

  1. Waves hello fellow mom 🙂 I think our generation expects more personal time and good for us, we are people too right? I don’t know how old your babies are but once they go to school it’s much easier to pull off the nice home and domestic goddess bit. Of course it all gets ruined again so I keep that in mind as I go, only do so much.. See my post on ironing. That sums it up 🙂

  2. At 8:00 last night I literally said the phrase “I’m sick of it!” It is funny because I mean it, but I don’t at the same time. Your Mom is so right on the head with me when she lays out the computer time. If I got rid of my computer, I’d have everything done and more. But my selfishness keeps me singing the tune that “Mommy needs down time too.” (But probably not as much to survive as I often take.) I long for the day when all my kids are in school- because honestly, I can clean my house in less than an hour. It is just that when they never leave this place, they can destroy it in 10 minutes. Not to wish this season away but I’m already looking forward to August 2016 when my sweet little Marisa is off to Kindergarten. Only 4 more year… sigh.

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