It’s a New Year! Resolutions suck. Goals rock!

As an eternal optimist, I can say that the beginning of each new year is one of my favorite times of the entire year. I love the idea that the slate has been wiped clean and there is nothing but possibility ahead of me. I’m particularly excited about this year, as last year wasn’t exactly what I would refer to as wonderful. I know things are going to be looking up for me!

Thinking about the whole “new year’s resolution” thing, I can’t help but laugh. I read somewhere on the internet that people usually abandon their well-intentioned resolutions by January 15th. People always make a big deal about working out, losing weight, eating healthy, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, etc. Well, if most people abandon their resolutions within two weeks, why bother making them? For me, I’d rather set goals for the year…and let my only resolution be to work towards my goals! Pretty awesome concept, huh? 🙂

I like to spend some time at the beginning of each year thinking about my goals. What do I want to accomplish this year? What steps do I need to take to reach my goals? Who can help me reach my goals? All of these questions are pondered as I formulate my hopes for the new year. I usually try to set goals for each aspect of my life: personal, professional, and financial.

My personal life was rather disastrous this past year, and I am hoping that it will be more positive this year. Lucky for me, my friends and family are awesome! I’m a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, an optimist, an Aquarius…so I’m going to continue to have an open heart (cue the Jane Seymour commercial) and hope that when the time is right love will find me. I will not be seeking out love on online dating sites, so don’t even think about suggesting it, friends…my family already knows better!

Professionally I am hoping to reestablish my career and pursue other career avenues besides teaching. While I loved working at a school, I am not sure if that is the path I’m supposed to be following. With that in mind, I’m trusting my intuition and hoping to work for myself this year. Time will tell how that will pan out. Again, I am going to be patient and wait for the right doors to open…but I’ll be knocking on them in the mean time 😉

Financial success is something we all hope for and can be challenging to accomplish in these “tough economic times.” With that in mind, I am more determined than ever to regain the financial freedom I once enjoyed. I want to be able to take a vacation and weekend trips this year, as well as spoil my adorable little man!

What are your goals this year? Who’s going to help you reach them? How are you going to accomplish them? What’s pushing you to be your best self this year? Get out there and set some goals, readers! 🙂

  • Achieving New Year’s Resolutions ( Kind of interesting list of “how-to” achieve those NYRs. Not sure I’m a believer, but it’s worth a click! 🙂

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