Phone interviews-Awkward…Hiccup!

I’ve been on hiatus.

Since I had baby E back on March 1, I have been a full-time, stay-at-home mamacita! It has been quite an enjoyable experience, but the time has come for me to look for a new job as part of my fresh start. I’ve been hunting around, sifting through countless ads, searching for a job I might be able to really sink my teeth into for a while.

Today I had a phone interview for a job I can really envision myself rocking! As I say this, I have to preface it with this fact: phone interviews are awkward. There are all kinds of oddities that happen during a phone interview that do not happen during a face-to-face interview. Take awkward pauses, for example. Phone interviews are loaded with them. Also, there’s no body language, eye contact, or firm hand-shake to assert your presence. The last thing, especially bothersome for me, is that sometimes the “interviewer” isn’t very skilled at speaking. Today’s gal was very friendly, but she didn’t really wrap up the interview. I felt like I was hanging, so I did my best to give her a nice shout-out and sign off.

At any rate, I’m crossing my fingers that my phone interview turns into a face-to-face interview, awkward pauses notwithstanding 🙂

2 thoughts on “Phone interviews-Awkward…Hiccup!

  1. Nothing like an awkward pause to kill the mood!! You’re absolutely right, it’s strange not to be able to assert yourself with a firm handshake and whatnot. Wrap it up and hope for the best!!

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