What’s in a name?

What’s in a name, really? This blog’s name comes from two important elements of any woman’s life. Read on for the exciting explanation!

Hiccups: to experience a temporary decline, setback, interruption, etc.

Everyone has experienced a hiccup or two in life. Sometimes it is a single hiccup and other times it is a series of hiccups that come out of nowhere and leave you breathing into a paper bag. Whatever YOUR experience with hiccups, you certainly know what I’m talking about!

Heels: a solid, raised base or support of leather, wood, rubber, etc., attached to the sole of a shoe or boot under the back part of the foot. Heels make any gal look fabulous, but it is often tough to teeter around in high heels when dealing with a strong case of hiccups.

How can a fun, fearless female dealing with a strong case of hiccups still feel fabulous about herself? Well, by putting on a pair of fabulous heels, of course!

hiccupsandheels will be taking a look at life’s hiccups and fabulous ways to deal with them (which may or may not involve great shoes)!

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